DigiMemo L2 Review

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In this fast paced world, I need lots of gadgets to cope up and be at par with everyone. One new device that I recently came across and fell in love with is the DigiMemo L2. It has digital storage capacity wherein I can write, draw on regular paper and later on analyses, amend, arrange and share it in Windows. Now, how neat is that?

Well, I know it sounds a little confusing as to how a data written on paper can be transferred in Windows. The key to this mystery is the powerful and unforgettable DigiMemo L2 that has a writing function that instantly synchronizes what is written on the paper with the digital page software installed in PC. At the same time, it also functions as a USB tablet.

Using it is as simple as writing with a pen and paper. All I needed to do was to place an ordinary paper on the digital notepad and write with a digital inking pen that comes with the kit. Whatever I write on the notepad gets immediately recorded in the built-in 32 MB digital storage device. It also has an expandable storage capacity by an optional Secure Digital (SD) memory card. The cool part is that one written page is stored in 1 digital page. As easy as writing is, it is equally simple to connect the digital pad to the PC by using USB port. After transferring data to PC, I found organizing those notes as equally effortless. It is very easy to analysis, amend and arrange the data in Windows. There are also online writing functions that can instantaneously synchronize the writing on the paper with the digital page and the data can be saved as an e-book or book file. This enabled me to share my notes with friends and colleges via e-mail.

Only weighing 680 g (1.5 lbs), it is extremely compact and portable which can be easily used anytime and anywhere. With the look and feel of a normal ball point pen and easily replaceable ink cartridges, the DigiMemo comes with an ultra thin and light digital pen with a weight of only 13.8 g. The battery used for digital pen usually lasts for around 14 months. The digital notepad can be used continuously up to 80 hours by using AAA alkaline batteries.


The best thing that I found in using DigiMemo L2 was that it felt familiar and innate – the way I used regular paper and pen around a decade ago. I prefer handwritten notes but with DigiMemo L2, I get a record of my handwritten notes digital that happens simultaneously. I don’t have to go through the tedious procedure of scanning every note, drafts, diagrams, flowcharts etc that I have penned down. All I need to do is use DigiMemo L2 and write on a normal paper or notebook up to letter size 8.5” x 11.9”. I would definitely say that DigiMemo L2 is efficient, simple and manageable to use.

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