Dane Electric zPen Review

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Are you tired of typing your notes from manual writing to your PC? Tired of bringing your bulky and attention grabbing laptops in lectures just so you can directly make notes? Looking for a gadget that will allow you to transfer your notes quickly into your computer without much hassle?

Try out the Dane Electric zPen Wireless Pen.

If you belong to the old generations who are used to writing manually than typing in your laptop, Dane Electric zPen is the best option. It is one of the most popular smartpens in the market today. This pen might be the solution to the problem on transferring manual notes from paper to the computer.

What is Dane Electric zPen?

The zPen is a digital pen/smartpen that you can use in transferring your manual handwritten notes to digital files. It can also recognize pictures, graphs or flowcharts and can also transfer them digitally. The pen will let you save on a lot of effort and time because typing your handwritten notes can be really time-consuming.

What does this smartpen offers?

The zPen has to offers the following benefits to the user:

  • It is not sensitive to the paper that you will use. The pen does not require a special paper where you should write. You can use the pen even in ordinary paper unlike other digital pens in the market that requires a special paper.
  • It can operate with ordinary ink. No need to purchase an overprized special ink. It has ink like your ordinary traditional ball pen.
  • It is lightweight and handy. The size of the zPen makes it a non-intrusive device. It can be carried anywhere: in school, office, conferences, etc.
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty.

Is the set-up of the Dane Electric zPen user-friendly?

The set-up of this digital pen is so user-friendly. It can be done even with old office workers that are not that adept in the current technology. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Charge the pen for 6 continuous hours.
  • Install the software (MyScript Notes) that is contained in the receiver to your computer.
  • Register the MyScript Notes online.
  • Once the batteries finished charging, you can now format the pen to recognize your handwriting. This process will involve writing the letters of the alphabet so that the gadget can determine the strokes of your handwriting so it can convert it to digital text. Be patient with this process as you need to encode all of the letters and writing some more sentences.
  • Test if the software was able to correctly recognize your handwriting.

How to Use the zPen

The zPen is easy to use. Pull out a pad of paper and your zPen receiver. Clip it to your pad and turn it on. Start to write with your zPen. That’s it. The Pen automatically turns itself on and off. Remember the pen won’t work unless you clip the reciever into the pad of paper.

Should I get one?

The Dane Electric zPen Wireless Pen offers good value for our money. Unlike other digital pens whose prices almost are at par with laptop computers, the zPen comes in a very affordable price. The bad thing is that doesn’t record sounds.

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