Livescribe Pulse Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen Review (NEWEST)

It’s been a while since the last update on our beloved Livescribe Echo. One of the few features that I miss about this model was the lack of better connectivity, to send the files to the computer we had to use the primitive USB cable. Yes. Another cable.

So I’m happy with this new update on the model, which has the same awesome features of the Echo model plus that smooth technology that we like to call Wi-Fi.

What does it mean?

Well, it means that everything you write/draw can be sent to the cloud using Evernote, so anything you do with this pen can be seen immediately in this app across all the plataforms (PC, Mac, Smartphones, Tablets, but not your fridge yet).

Sounds good? Let’s imagine it in practice.

You’re writing notes with your Livescribe Sky in class. The class is over and there’s a party, you pack your smartphone, your keys and a couple of bucks. Someone approaches you, it’s that nerd guy that sits behind you every class, “So, did you study for that test? it’s tomorrow you know, What? Yes I did study, I’m a nerd, du’h”. You don’t have your notes and all the people at the party are drunk. Suddenly you remember that smartpen thing you granny bought you. Yes! You open the Evernote app and you see all the notes you took. You’re filled with joy and laugh. You granny wakes up in the middle of the night. She smiles.

Here’s a chart for you to compare the actual models:

livescribe chart


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