Smart Pens for Students With Disabilities

Smart Pens for Students With Disabilities

The proportion of students with disabilities receiving education in general classrooms increases every year. It’s a trend that has become possible with the widespread use of Assistive Technology tools that are proving invaluable in bridging the gap between disabled students and their peers when it comes to learning potential. With the need to accommodate and support students with learning disabilities and other print-based impairments, an AT smart pen has become a popular resource completely replacing hired note-takers.


Smart Pens for Students With Disabilities

Smart pens are digital pens designed with both reading and writing. These devices do not look any different compared to regular ballpoint pens. However, they are capable of recording and synchronizing writing with audio. Students can record what they say or hear when taking notes. This information is searchable, can be saved, and played back regardless of whether they are audio or written content. The audio and written notes are then made accessible via the pen or computer as transferred files.

This pen is a lifesaver, just like the way a camisole with built-in molded cup bra is a lifesaver for many women.

Basics of Smart Pens

Presently, there are various smart pen models on the market. …

benefits of using a smartpen

Benefits of Using a Smartpen (a.k.a. Why I Use a Smart Pen)

Still undecided whether it would be a good idea to use a smart pen? If so, this post if for you.

You see, away from my digital career, I am also interested in electric unicycles. So, what do I do when I need information on the best models available on the market? I simply head to a reputable website for a
comprehensive overview of what’s on the market.

My goal for this website is to make it the go-to resource for everything you need to know about smart pens and other digital art tools and accessories.  So, before we get into the benefits of using a smart pen, let’s get into a little bit of my history.

Why Do I Use A Smartpen? A Little History Lesson

smartpenI went through school without any computer classes – not because I elected not to take them, but because computers were rare back in those days.  Writing papers for school and taking notes for class was a pain. Not only did you have to take the notes, but also had to make notes on what you were thinking at the time to help you remember when it came to doing homework or to …

iogear mobile digital scribe

IOGear Mobile Digital Scribe Review

iogear mobile digital scribeBeing the first has its advantages and disadvantages. You can have a product that is a pilot test and needs to be improved on but the other competitors use your product as a benchmark.

IOGear is the very first group to launch a pen that can digitally capture your handwriting with IOGear Digital Scribe. This is the very first product on its line to that was launched in 2007. This is the IOGear Mobile Digital Scribe digital pen/smartpen, the younger brother of the original. The digital pen revolutionizes the digital transfer notes.

If you are not into gadgets and has not heard of this since 2007, it’s not yet too late.

I stumbled upon this pen when I was looking for a gift for a friend who is a nurse. I had thought of getting her the best stethoscope for nurses but then decided to think more into smart pens because she also loves drawing as a her hobby. And this is what led me to the IOGear Mobile Digital Scribe.

Read this review to find out what the smart pen is all about.

What is IOGear Mobile Digital Scribe?

The Mobile Digital Scribe is a digital pen (or smartpen) …

Livescribe Pulse Echo Smartpen Review

The Echo is a refinement of the original Pulse. It is slimmer, and doesn’t quite look like one of those metal cigar containers. It has twice the memory of my original smartpen. The price has come down over the years significantly making an investment in a smartpen even more attractive.

I use my pen to record initial client interviews as well as depositions. I am able using the Livescribe Desktop software to export a recording to a CD and send it to a client to here. However the best feature is its “point and play” technology which allows me to listen selectively to a recording on my pen by touching a word in my notes. The audio immediately syncs to the part of the conversation and has a five second “skip back/skip forward” feature to account for slow writers like me. I can also listen later to my notes and add additional points of interest.

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Audio fidelity is amazingly good. The pen has settings for different environments like lectures or office meetings. Even if you just use the default settings you will be pleased with the output.

livescribe review

Besides being thinner, the new Echo no longer …

Convert Handwritten Notes to Text in the Computer

This is by far the most frequent asked question in the blog. The short answer is YES, you can do that. But NO, not all the smartpens reviewed here do that.

So, what’s the smartpen that can convert your written notes to text which you can edit on Word, or send by email? The Livescribe Pulse Echo Smartpen.

But please note that this smartpen can’t do it by itself, it needs a special software called MyScript. It’s not free (costs $29.95) but works perfectly and is a good investment if you need your notes translated to digital text.

Livescribe Echo, the new smartpen in town

So, there’s a new player on the smartpen arena. Its name? Livescribe… Echo. It’s new and it’s awesome.

This new product means 2 things:

  1. The old ones will lower its price, now no one will make the “money excuse” to not buy a Livescribe smartpen.
  2. A new review of this product! Will have it soon, I promise!

The Perfect Gift for Christmas?: Easy, A Smartpen

Christmas is coming and people sometimes spend weeks and weeks thinking about the perfect gift for their loved ones.

I think the answer is quite easy: A …

Dane Electric zPen Review

Are you tired of typing your notes from manual writing to your PC? Tired of bringing your bulky and attention grabbing laptops in lectures just so you can directly make notes? Looking for a gadget that will allow you to transfer your notes quickly into your computer without much hassle?

Try out the Dane Electric zPen Wireless Pen.

If you belong to the old generations who are used to writing manually than typing in your laptop, Dane Electric zPen is the best option. It is one of the most popular smartpens in the market today. This pen might be the solution to the problem on transferring manual notes from paper to the computer.

What is Dane Electric zPen?

The zPen is a digital pen/smartpen that you can use in transferring your manual handwritten notes to digital files. It can also recognize pictures, graphs or flowcharts and can also transfer them digitally. The pen will let you save on a lot of effort and time because typing your handwritten notes can be really time-consuming.

What does this smartpen offers?

The zPen has to offers the following benefits to the user:

  • It is not sensitive to the paper that you will use. 

DigiMemo L2 Review

In this fast paced world, I need lots of gadgets to cope up and be at par with everyone. One new device that I recently came across and fell in love with is the DigiMemo L2. It has digital storage capacity wherein I can write, draw on regular paper and later on analyses, amend, arrange and share it in Windows. Now, how neat is that?

Well, I know it sounds a little confusing as to how a data written on paper can be transferred in Windows. The key to this mystery is the powerful and unforgettable DigiMemo L2 that has a writing function that instantly synchronizes what is written on the paper with the digital page software installed in PC. At the same time, it also functions as a USB tablet.

Using it is as simple as writing with a pen and paper. All I needed to do was to place an ordinary paper on the digital notepad and write with a digital inking pen that comes with the kit. Whatever I write on the notepad gets immediately recorded in the built-in 32 MB digital storage device. It also has an expandable storage capacity by an optional Secure Digital …

Livescribe Pulse Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen Review (NEWEST)

It’s been a while since the last update on our beloved Livescribe Echo. One of the few features that I miss about this model was the lack of better connectivity, to send the files to the computer we had to use the primitive USB cable. Yes. Another cable.

So I’m happy with this new update on the model, which has the same awesome features of the Echo model plus that smooth technology that we like to call Wi-Fi.

What does it mean?

Well, it means that everything you write/draw can be sent to the cloud using Evernote, so anything you do with this pen can be seen immediately in this app across all the plataforms (PC, Mac, Smartphones, Tablets, but not your fridge yet).

Sounds good? Let’s imagine it in practice.

You’re writing notes with your Livescribe Sky in class. The class is over and there’s a party, you pack your smartphone, your keys and a couple of bucks. Someone approaches you, it’s that nerd guy that sits behind you every class, “So, did you study for that test? it’s tomorrow you know, What? Yes I did study, I’m a nerd, du’h”. You don’t have your notes and all the …

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Review

Please notice this is the older version of the Livescribe, the new is the Echo model covered in this reviewRight now the new model is cheaper because of availability.

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen: Cutting Edge Technology

“Give me one on my birthday!” That’s all I can say after seeing the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen from a friend. Envy swells within me. Imagine a pen that you can hire as your assistant. Clever, it is really clever.

What is a Livescribe Pulse Smartpen?

The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen is one of the most recent innovations in the high tech portfolio of Livescribe.  It is a smartpen in the sense that:

  • It can record everything that you write or draw.
  • It can record everything that you dictate because it has an audio capture device that captures the audio in the environment.
  • It has a sort of hard disk that acts as the reservoir of the audio that the pen has collected as well as all the words or drawings that the pen transcribed.
  • It has a speaker that repeats everything that it heard.
  • It has a USB port that allows transfer and storage of files from the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen to the computer.