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IOGear Mobile Digital Scribe Review

iogear mobile digital scribeBeing the first has its advantages and disadvantages. You can have a product that is a pilot test and needs to be improved on but the other competitors use your product as a benchmark.

IOGear is the very first group to launch a pen that can digitally capture your handwriting with IOGear Digital Scribe. This is the very first product on its line to that was launched in 2007. This is the IOGear Mobile Digital Scribe digital pen/smartpen, the younger brother of the original. The digital pen revolutionizes the digital transfer notes.

If you are not into gadgets and has not heard of this since 2007, it’s not yet too late.

I stumbled upon this pen when I was looking for a gift for a friend who is a nurse. I had thought of getting her the best stethoscope for nurses but then decided to think more into smart pens because she also loves drawing as a her hobby. And this is what led me to the IOGear Mobile Digital Scribe.

Read this review to find out what the smart pen is all about.

What is IOGear Mobile Digital Scribe?

The Mobile Digital Scribe is a digital pen (or smartpen) …