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Dane Electric zPen Review

Are you tired of typing your notes from manual writing to your PC? Tired of bringing your bulky and attention grabbing laptops in lectures just so you can directly make notes? Looking for a gadget that will allow you to transfer your notes quickly into your computer without much hassle?

Try out the Dane Electric zPen Wireless Pen.

If you belong to the old generations who are used to writing manually than typing in your laptop, Dane Electric zPen is the best option. It is one of the most popular smartpens in the market today. This pen might be the solution to the problem on transferring manual notes from paper to the computer.

What is Dane Electric zPen?

The zPen is a digital pen/smartpen that you can use in transferring your manual handwritten notes to digital files. It can also recognize pictures, graphs or flowcharts and can also transfer them digitally. The pen will let you save on a lot of effort and time because typing your handwritten notes can be really time-consuming.

What does this smartpen offers?

The zPen has to offers the following benefits to the user:

  • It is not sensitive to the paper that you will use.