Convert Handwritten Notes to Text in the Computer

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This is by far the most frequent asked question in the blog. The short answer is YES, you can do that. But NO, not all the smartpens reviewed here do that.

So, what’s the smartpen that can convert your written notes to text which you can edit on Word, or send by email? The Livescribe Pulse Echo Smartpen.

But please note that this smartpen can’t do it by itself, it needs a special software called MyScript. It’s not free (costs $29.95) but works perfectly and is a good investment if you need your notes translated to digital text.

Livescribe Echo, the new smartpen in town

So, there’s a new player on the smartpen arena. Its name? Livescribe… Echo. It’s new and it’s awesome.

This new product means 2 things:

  1. The old ones will lower its price, now no one will make the “money excuse” to not buy a Livescribe smartpen.
  2. A new review of this product! Will have it soon, I promise!

The Perfect Gift for Christmas?: Easy, A Smartpen

Christmas is coming and people sometimes spend weeks and weeks thinking about the perfect gift for their loved ones.

I think the answer is quite easy: A Smartpen. Yes, I’m a big fan of smartpens but not without reasons. By the way, a smartpen is similar but not the same as a quality 3D drawing pen.

Most people needs pens, right? Wheter they work or study, they need a pen. A pen is a thing that even camputers can’t replace, you need one.

A Smartpen is a pen with maaaaany benefits. Most of them can record what you say, so it’s perfect for studying.

Also they can be a powerful tool for architects or people that drawing is a part of their job.

I can name more features, but some of them depends on the smartpen, so I invite you to look at the models on your left and buy the one that fits you!

Where to Buy Smartpens

The best place to buy smartpens it’s Amazon. They ship fast and the price is always good. You can check the reviews an see what’s the best one to buy. They are all available on Amazon.


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